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  • Charcoal. Fire wood Wood pellets - wood granules

    Wood charcoal grill. grilly. pellet Malaysia

    Charcoal grill is made on industrial furnace. Made charcoal corresponds(meets) GOST 7657-84 and is applied in metallurgy by manufacture of pig-iron which is not containing phosphorus, sulfur and other elements inevitably getting in metal at use of coal coke. At course pair sulfur through a layer of heated up charcoal, turns out is grey carbon ęS 2 , used in manufactures of an artificial fibre, cellophane and a viscose cord.

    Charcoal grill is used for manufacture of activated coal - most effective absorbent (the surface of 1 gramme of activated coal reaches(achieves) 1000 square meters). Coal is used also as a regulator at use of technology of cementation by manufacture of reservation, and also in other industries.

    Manufacture and consumption of charcoal for household purposes (grills, fireplaces etc.) recently has sharply increased and tends to steady growth.
    On burning product does not release harmful residues (resin, pitch, methane, etc.). This is its main advantage and this makes it highly suitable for domestic use. "Grilly - charcoal " is used for fast cooking of different dishes in grills, barbecue and also for fireplaces.

    Charcoal, Grilly cost Malaysia

    Charcoal grill, Grilly - 330 USD / 1000 kg. (Packing - 10 kg.)

    Charcoal, Grilly - 360 USD / 1000 kg. (Packing - 3 kg.)

    Charcoal grill. Price wood Charcoal, Wood Pellets, Grilly, Fire Wood Birch. Manufacture Charcoal, Sale charcoal. Factory wood pellets, Grilly, Fire Wood Birch
    Charcoal, Grilly
    Grilly,  Manufacture Grilly, Fire Wood Birch, Charcoal, Charcoal, Wood Pellets, Grilly, Fire Wood Birch. Charcoal. Price wood Charcoal, Wood Pellets, Grilly, Fire Wood Birch. Manufacture Charcoal, Sale charcoal. Factory wood pellets, Grilly, Fire Wood Birch
    Charcoal, Grilly

    Technological characteristics of charcoal Malaysia

    The charcoal grill is produced in accordance with TU U and technological orders. Technological characteristics of charcoal grill by TU U 241.00274105.009-2001:



    Norm for product produced, %


    pure carbon content %

    84 - 90


    humidity, %

    3 - 6


    ash content, %

    1 - 4


    grade, mm

    20 - 80

    DIN 51749-H.

    Autoignition temperature: 340 oC.
    Apparent density of charcoal is 220 kg/m3.
    Potential density - 370 kg/m3.
    Low concentration combustion limit of charcoal dust is 128 g/m3.
    Maximum allowable concentration of charcoal aerosol is 6 mg/m3.

    The charcoal is packed on Europalletes 0,8-1,2 m, there are 120 3-kg bags on one Europallete and there are 32 10-kg bags on one Europallete.

    Transportation of charcoal is made in dry boxcars or by autotransport in accordance to rules used for given mode of transportation.
    charcoal is stored in bin or closed storage under shelters or covers this protects product from atmospheric condensation. warranty period is three ( 3 ) years from production date.

    Fireplace a tree. Fire wood birch. Price Malaysia

    Fireplace a tree - 200 USD / 1000 kg.

    Fireplace a tree. Fire wood birch. Price
    Fireplace a tree
    Fireplace a tree. Fire wood birch. Price
    Fire wood birch
    Charcoal. Fire wood Wood pellets - wood granules

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