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    Internal door manufacturers. Quality internal doors Malaysia

    Internal doors are five types: firm - deciduous, coniferous wood veneers, coniferous, combined and " not wooden " in general, that is made from " Artificial " Materials.

    To first,
    itself best wood Categories, concern Internal doors from 100 % of a file firmly - deciduous breeds of a tree: an oak, an alder, a birch, a beech, a maple, Mahogany. Deciduous wood differs from others Breeds not only natural uniqueness and beauty, but also Higher durability. Therefore such Internal doors most expensive(dear).
    For example, Internal doors from a file of an oak cost(stand) from 300 up to 500 dollars.

    To second
    maximum(supreme) wood category, Internal doors from 100 % of a file of a coniferous tree (a larch, a pine, a fur-tree) veneers valuable firm - deciduous breeds of a tree (an oak, an alder, a birch, a beech, a maple, mahogany) concern. Veneer it is firm - deciduous wood gives to a product natural uniqueness and beauty. Has external similarity with doors best cost category and has high durability. Application of high technology of vacuum pressing veneers firm breeds of a tree nonpluss many inhabitants...: - and it is an oak? Or not an oak? (in all Moscow shops to you will tell, that Indoubtedly it is 100 % a file!) . Eventually they practically not Distinguished from 100 % of a file of firm - deciduous breeds of a tree, and cost usually in two three times is less. Especially who will not be picked your Internal door. Therefore such Internal doors most "running" among "advanced" buyers.
    it Is necessary to note, that only Internal doors on this technology are not possible for making " in garage ", that entitles to speak about high probability, that such Internal door will not crack at you at home within nearest summer(years).
    So, cost of a Internal door from 100 % of a file of a coniferous tree wood veneers valuable firm - deciduous breeds on technology of vacuum pressing will make from 80 up to 200 dollars.

    Third group
    is Internal doors from 100 % of a file of a coniferous tree and larches
    Price of such Internal doors changes from 50 up to 100 dollars (for a pine or a fur-tree) and from 100 up to 200 (for a larch).

    Fourth group
    Internal doors from combined materials. They are made of several components: Bar a file of a pine, MDF (Small particles fraction a fibre of average density) and HDF (a wood-shaving plate) and Change color, are pasted over a film or veneers various breeds of a tree. They are made smooth, without Cut out figure or panels. In models under With glass are applied wooden elements.
    Price of a Internal door from combined materials may change from 20 up to 80 dollars.

    And at last, fifth group
    " not wooden " from MDF, HDF etc. " Not wooden " them it is possible to name Internal doors with great reserve. They consist from wooden Bar on perimeter of a skeleton. Their basic difference from combined Internal doors, that two thin panels from color or laminated import MDF outside are pasted. It(he) so thin and easy what to speak about high durability it is not necessary.
    you do not have right on a mistake at installation of lock or loops at such Internal door. "Advanced" manufacturers usually already at manufacturing do(make) Apertures under standard lock and put strengthening metal ring in area of Internal door handle. If all of you want, that yours Internal door was bright and easy advise to take Internal doors MDF color. They always can be tinted, as against laminated.
    Price of such Internal doors from 20 up to 70 dollars.

    Why pine Internal doors veneers valuable firm - deciduous breeds of a tree on technology of vacuum pressing sell many firms? And why they till now were not ruined on Judicial claims of buyers?

    Quality of a Internal door depends not It is so much from material, how many from technology Manufacturing. Actually, if to do(make) a Internal door on all To rules, observing technology with absolute accuracy, her(it) Manufacturing rather dear(expensive) and very much labour-intensive process. If Internal door was deformed or has cracked for short term, even Do not doubt master has made a mistake in process Manufactures. And that Internal door has served still to your grandsons, озаготовкап should pass a long way special and it is strict Regulated operations.

    So, have gone. First of all, Any wood breed passes most important in technology Manufacturing of a Internal door and longest process drying. Drying It is necessary to carry out(spend) in two stages. All over again all wood material within several years is required to be dried under a canopy At natural atmospheric temperature. From it Stage depends, whether Internal door will be deformed then whether or not. If all was made precisely on technologies, probability Deformations practically zero.

    Then a tree it is necessary to sustain In vacuum chamber. This operation is necessary, that To protect your Internal door from cracks.

    Now it is necessary to define(determine) interest Humidity of a tree. On GOST humidity should be no more 8-12 percents, and on all wooden surface, instead of Only in one place. A level of humidity will be defined(determined) special device. Import Measuring instrument of humidity it is similar to a thermometer With divisions showing interest of humidity. At slightest Touch to a surface it(he) on spot gives out result. And It(he) Measures humidity of a surface of all Internal door cloth. And domestic device, in opinion of experts, completely not such Convenient and exact. To define(determine) interest of humidity, it(him) It is necessary to thrust, as a corkscrew, in a tree. Clearly, to whom a hunt To perforate future Internal door? Therefore, as a rule, it is done(made) all One puncture. And device gives out results of humidity In a place of a puncture, instead of on all Internal door! Therefore Poorly dried Internal door also begins then " Poorly dried " and to crack. It happens, that with Time deforms only a panel of a Internal door. reason same Poorly dried a material.

    If wood covering is dried up As it is necessary, masters begin second production phase To manufacturing necessary form on strictly certain(determined) To sizes.

    final Stage processing Internal doors. A Internal door impregnate, ground, Change color. For final Furnish are used paint and varnish structures. purpose such Processings to emphasize natural beauty of a structure of a tree, Except for that these structures have moistureproof property. And for a file of a tree it is recommended only poliuretane Covering. varnish should be rendered not less than four times. If Such Internal door suddenly Has bent, poliuretane varnish is stretched(dragged out) (as though ообтекаетп) and crack becomes imperceptible. That surface of a Internal door was ideal, technology should be Following:

    Processing Dye also it is delicious:

    On prepared surface It is put Dye. ambassador Change of color first is put protective Layer Water repellent a first coat. It is recommended to grind all Surface before drawing of each subsequent layer. For Final furnish it is necessary to render not less than three layers Varnish.

    Processing by a paint:

    For colouring a Internal door use Water repellent a ground and two - three layers of a paint on a basis Compatible solvents or water. It is necessary to grind all Surface after drawing each subsequent layer Coverings.

    оА may, God with them, Natural Internal doors, we shall order to themselves Compound
    But all over again all same It would be desirable to understand, that this such combined Internal doors!

    If a Internal door make from Wood substitute (MDF, HDF), before processing ready Forms of her(it) fill with a special material. This material Keeps a moisture and serves for Absorption of noise. newest invention of Canadian experts so-called needle Seam. Internal door gathers from Bar, and joints connect this seam. It(he) as experts speak, perfectly protects a Internal door From temperature drops. Today cost for such Internal doors Changes from 300 dollars and is higher. By way, buyer always May distinguish a fake from goods just on To needle seam. " Curve " should be slightly seen through Paint, at an end face of a Internal door box.

    Price of combined Internal door Depends on with what material it is filled her(it) " Stuffing ". Dear Internal door is done(made) so: all over again stick together бруски from a file of a pine, then on them from both parties(sides) layer from MDF is pasted. Then it is pasted veneer valuable Breeds of a tree (see fig. 1). In Internal doors is cheaper " Stuffing " Another: pine брусок all fastens only on perimeter, and Other space is filled by crosspieces as сот. Then, as well as in first case, on a layer from MDF It is pasted veneer valuable breeds of a tree. Quite often Domestic manufacturers with a view of economy mould veneer directly On boards, without a layer. Therefore be not surprised, if yours Internal door in a bath where it is natural, humidity high, will begin To become unstuck.

    Sometimes cellular stuffing not Put. These Internal doors refer to as hollow. I, for example, easily Could define(determine) such Internal door has simply knocked on it(her). booming sound was distributed.

    If combined Internal door began To be deformed, reason poor-quality processing it is delicious. At purchase, alas, this defect to check up it is impossible. A Internal door Will crack already at you at home.

    Experts advise: if in Your bathing costs(stands) оДжакузип or сауна it is better to buy Sanitary Internal door from combined material, instead of from File. An oak Internal door certainly strong, but wood even After processing keeps properties of natural fibres. They одышатп also absorb a moisture, therefore Internal door may To be deformed. Besides take into account than more panels врезано on a cloth of a Internal door, probability of its(her) deformation there is less Because of a moisture.

    As it was found out, foreigners for a long time Have learned to protect sanitary Internal doors. For example, Americans know excellent(different) way of struggle checked up by time with Moisture. It is known, that after hot oppress on all surfaces Bathing room settles pairs. They make in sanitary Internal doors of an aperture. Usually дырку cut down in bottom of a Internal door box Through. And, this procedure should be made already after How buyer will establish a Internal door in an apartment. Be not frightened, дырки it will not be visible. To keep a decent kind it is possible with help usual lattice which have been picked up on color and укрепленной with internal and external parties(sides) of a Internal door a bath. Our builders For some reason never such outlets with a lattice in sanitary Internal doors do not do(make).


    So, having ordered liked you Internal door, it is necessary to follow advice(councils) and recommendations precisely Experts:

    - 1. Internal doors should be stored(kept) on палетах it is horizontal an obverse plane, instead of on lateral Edge and at all vertically прислоненными to To something, in avoidance опровисанияп Internal doors under own Weight that may result in a curvature of a cloth. Internal doors Should be stored(kept) in dry вентилируемом a premise(room).

    - 2. Internal doors without a covering or Covered colourless it is delicious not should to be stored(kept) in part экспонированными to a sunlight that may cause Non-uniform dimness (озасвечиваниеп) cloths.

    - 3. If Internal doors will be established In a builded or under repair premise(room), it is necessary to be convinced, that All environmental surfaces (plaster, whitewashing, a coupler etc.) Have dried out up to a normal condition, as raised(increased) Humidity may damage(injure) a cloth. But it is necessary to avoid and Excessive dryness and high temperature inInternal doors. To leave Internal doors near to heating system it is not recommended. Extreme fluctuations of an environment may entail Occurrence of cracks and curvature of separate elements Designs. For normal operation of Internal doors humidity in Premise(room) it should be supported within limits of 40-60 %.

    - 4. Before a covering and installation Internal doors it is recommended even for one week, it is better for one month to bring Them in a premise(room) where they will be established, for them Acclimatization.

    - 5. Follows immediately To process fresh places of incision of locks, loops, свежеобрезанные edges(territories) of a cloth with a view of оконсервированияп Internal doors From penetration of a moisture.

    - 6. At a covering of a cloth It is necessary to follow recommendations of firms - manufacturers Paint and varnish materials. In any case it is required to a cloth not Less than three layers of a covering.

    - 7. It is necessary to apply measures Against superfluous humidity, temperature or dryness, exactly As their sharp differences before installation of Internal doors.

    In general(common) to rescue a Internal door from a moisture It is possible always. Irrespective of breed of a tree, sizes, color and Its(her) purposes(assignments). main thing is correct to search. And mean: if to you Offer Internal door block of all for 30 dollars, not Be under a delusion it is a Internal door of poor quality, Internal door Cloth Poorly dried or badly processed.
    As it is very difficult at external visual survey To define(determine) quality of a Internal door cloth, and for Internal doors obligatory certification not It is stipulated, it is recommended to get Internal doors or The known trade mark or to do(make) purchase in The solid firms guaranteeing quality of goods.

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