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Massage. Massagesessel. Comparative characteristics. Malaysia

About massage, an osteochondrosis and massage Massagesessel FUJIIRYOKI

Backbone - a basis of ability to live of person!

Active preventive maintenance of diseases is reached(achieved) by complex decision of sanitary-and-hygienic and social problems(tasks). big development receive new (well forgotten old) kinds of medical assistance. In development of modern clinical medicine especially important value gets rahabilitation direction providing system of means, directed on restoration of health of patients, their returning in shortest terms to high-grade labour activity and on preventive maintenance of physical inability. decision of these problems(tasks) is provided with complex application of means of regenerative therapy where leading part is borrowed(occupied) with physical and medical factors from which most effective are physical culture, physiotherapy and massage. Massage became integral element of complex treatment of patients.

Skeleton, a skeleton - a basis of all

it Is impossible to present without a skeleton a building, especially, persons. We underestimate value of a skeleton, and at all we forget about a backbone - a basis of a skeleton! basis of a human body ‰ сложнейший mechanism developed by nature is our force, beauty, and - without appropriate care - our weakness. backbone is a basis of bases, part of a skeleton on which share is necessary basic loading, bearing(carrying) core of our figure. Ancient врачеватели counted a backbone center of energy and vital forces. Besides "rod" function it(he) is also protection of spinal cord which is taking place in channel inside a backbone. Between позвонками leave on two pairs корешков spinal nerves which adjust work of all internal and external bo s of a body.

For today of one of most widespread groups of diseases in world illnesses of a backbone ‰ when still person healthy and full of forces are, practically may become motionless invalid from ‰ for widespread(distributed) an osteochondrosis of a backbone.

Osteochondrosis - in translation from Latin means " ossification of a cartilage ". This process begins with first shout of child and proceeds to death of person. osteochondrosis has turned to widespread illness. It(he) in 80 % of cases is reason be sick in a back; and, women are sick more often, than men, however men transfer illness more hardly. Only one person from 100 has a flexible backbone. At a malposture loading on a backbone is increased in some times, and not in regular intervals, and by his(its) certain sites.

Principal causes an osteochondrosis are microtraumas (sharp movements of a trunk, fall, impacts), superfluous loadings on a backbone (rise of weights, a long presence(finding) in полусогнутом position), an inactive way of life, excessive weight, недолеченный a scoliosis, плоскостопие which result in wrong distribution of mechanical loadings. Thereof there is a destruction межпозвонковых disks, disease accompanying with infringement of a normal structure позвонков and activity of a spine column. More often an osteochondrosis name processes which are taking place in межпозвонковых disks. Actually, in межпозвонковых disks there are some processes and an osteochondrosis not most important and deciding(solving). Межпозвонковые disks are subject to destructive process of a degeneration as a result of which they decrease in sizes; there is a change of elasticity, condensation; Amortisation properties are lost, limiting mobility of a backbone, reducing distance between next позвонками, that results in squeezing корешков spinal nerves, in consequence(investigation) of that there are headaches and dizzinesses, pains in a neck and a back, "lumbagos" and "кручения" in hands or legs, weight, онемение, constraint of muscles even during dream.

For example: problems in cervical department a backbone result in dizziness, non-coordination of movements, periodic instability of gait. Feature chest department is, that from his(its) segments receive nervous maintenance practically all bo s of a chest and belly cavity. For this reason pains connected to a pathology of a chest department of a backbone, frequently it is difficult to distinguish from be sick, starting with internal bo s.

With lumbar department a backbone diseases most frequently resulting(bringing) in physical inability and proof disability are connected. Taking up loading of all body, lumbar department is most subject to development of pathology connected to condensation of intervertebral disks. condition of a lumbar department is closely connected to function of kidneys, and пояснично ‰ крестцового a department with a bladder and sexual bo s. Therefore enough frequently there are cases when long inflammations in kidneys simulate processes occurbing in a lumbar department, and diseases матки and яичников at women are quite often shown by a pain in a lumbar department, крестце, masking under sharp disease of a backbone. It is proved, that Massage was applied still with primitive people. Поглаживание, grinding, разминание a sore point was, probably, in beginning simple instinctive gesture of person to facilitate sufferings. Гиппократ - father of medicine, thought of such kind of treatment when spoke: nature, and medicine only servant of a nature treats.

At - (before other kinds of treatment) advantages and advantages it is a lot of massage, but main thing from them - absence of negative by-effects. It is most harmless and highly effective way of preventive maintenance and treatment of set of diseases.

Experience shows - great bulk of people is sure, that massage it is possible to influence only muscles and on опорно ‰ impellent device. deepest error. Massage much more thin and effective medical tool for which it is possible and it is necessary to treat internal illnesses. There are kinds of massage which it is very thin, through корешки spinal nerves, through biologically active points, with help of specific receptions and techniques allow to influence any system or separate internal body. Massage strengthens influence of other medical methods and means: medical products, grasses, физиопроцедур etc.

Massage - powerful общеукрепляющее and preventive means, truth, not such and cheap. However is not more dear(expensive) than visits to doctor and medicines for which you are spent, regularly being sick. Many people hold personal masseur, and each morning start with massage - all 365 days in one year! " Usual " to person thinking of health, it is enough to lead(carry out) fortnight rates two times in one year of general(common) massage that his(its) immunity has become stronger, both all bo s and systems worked as hours. We already spoke that massage is an influence, first of all on nervous system and due to it(her) ‰ on other bo s and systems. basic purpose of massage is reduction balance of processes of excitation and processes of braking of central nervous system. At any type of maximum(supreme) nervous activity, at his(its) any condition it is necessary to equal processes of excitation and braking.

In treatment of majority of nervous diseases which arise in consequence(investigation) of an overstrain(overvoltage), massage has not equal; for example, at such as - a neurasthenia, вегето - vascular дистония, a sleeplessness, headaches, dizzinesses, кардиалгии, гастралгии, depression (feeling of shortage of air, потливость, a tremor of hands etc.) With help of massage treat a neuralgia of occipital nerves. For this reason any rate of massage has a positive effect: removal of a nervous overstrain(overvoltage), disposal of nervous diseases.

Under action of massage in blood of patient many biologically active substances are developed: adrenaline, норадреналин, гистамин etc. These biologically active elements expand capillaries, improve blood supply influencing on muscles and blood vessels, increasing their pumping over ability and facilitating work of heart. As influence of massage on blood is expressed in increase of quantity(amount) of hemoglobin, эритроцитов and leukocytes. Massage is shown at illnesses of bo s of breath, digestion, thick intestines, urinogenital system, female and man's sexual sphere, promotes deducing(removing) of slags from an organism.

In modern lifes of any of us deficiency of caress and tenderness tests, opportunities to relax, remove(, take off) a pressure(voltage) ‰ emotional and corporal. Influence on nervous system of person massage reminds action scold, which irons child when it(he) bruise leg or has taken offence on what ‰ that. Massage acts in this sense really as miracle means and results in positive results in general(common) state of health of person. person regularly accepting massage, is perceived as reasonable, aspiring to a healthy and modern way of life. And if you aspire to high social status and new quality of life, regular massage is necessary for you, and decision of this problem(task) will demand self-discipline.

it Is recommended - at slightest pains in field of a back - to address to experts ‰ to neuropathologist, surgeon, to make x-ray pictures. doctor informed in engineering of medical massage, can differentiate disease, it(he) knows techniques, indications and contra-indications, mechanism of his(its) action on an organism. Only on advice of doctors it is possible to reach(achieve) high results of use of this method in лечебно ‰ preventive and восстановительно ‰ rahabilitation purposes, but it is not enough one massage, gymnastics, pool (in water terrestrial gravitation decreases, backbone relaxs, and muscles continue to work) and physiotherapy exercises is necessary (whenever possible) корригирующая.

After 40 years if you have attributes of an osteochondrosis, it is recommended to accept preparations containing calcium, "Структум", "Don", "Инолтра" etc. unfortunately recently has appeared very much " experts - self-educated persons " massage and manipulation without special medical formation(education). Be extremely cautious, addressing to them.

We ислледования massage Massagesessel of Japanese firm " Фуджи Медикал Инструментс " since June till December, 2005 have shown, that a series of Massagesessel " Сайбер Релакс " is rather effective in preventive maintenance and treatment of an osteochondrosis. You see backbone is a basis of a skeleton, our force and beauty!

Doctor Ahkuev S.H.

Massage. Massagesessel CYBER-RELAX. Malaysia

" Gradually improving methods and selecting best of already known to mankind, I have created that I can name System of health. I have promulgated her(it) when to me was 44 years (in 1927). Average life expectancy of Japanese in those times was those. Since then have passed years and though in childhood to me predicted early death, due to System I have managed to keep a sound health ".

These words belong to Japanese scientist Кацудзо Niches , whose name ranks with a name of Field Брэгга, Герберта Шелтона and other great doctors who have made revolution in minds(wits) of people, having explained to sick weights a difference between treatment by chemical preparations and by natural improvement.

System of Health of Niche, with its(her) simple for performance and extremely effective six rules has returned and has kept health to many thousand people all over world. To familiarize with it(her) completely, read " Gold rules of health " To. Niches, ИД " Neva prospectus " St.-Petersburg, 1999

And a theme of our today's conversation - main thing from these rules, concerning a backbone . If at person it is a lot of illnesses - it is necessary to search for reason in infringements of a backbone. slightest infringement in " axes of life " may have an effect on a condition of other parts of a body negatively. Therefore for improvement of general(common) condition of an organism it is necessary to correct a backbone first of all.

there Are ancestors of person moved on four finitenesses, and four-footed do not require strong back muscles as their backbone, settling down in horizontal position, remains in an ideal condition and may sustain big pressure(voltage). But person has accepted vertical position, and now any raisings of weights, run, long walking and even simply standing create loadings on a spine column. most often pathology named an incomplete dislocation, occurs naturally in daily life. Позвонки are slightly displaced, move down in parties(sides) and clamp nerves with blood vessels departing from it позвонка, prevent them to function normally. It conducts to infringement of blood circulation, онемению jammed nerves and, as consequence(investigation), to various infringements in those bo s to which these nerves and vessels "are connected". It becomes, more often, main and, unfortunately, not diagnosed reason of various diseases.

cervical department of a backbone as it(he) is most mobile is especially subject to incomplete dislocations. So, if incomplete dislocation occurs in 4-th позвонке, eyes, person, a neck, easy, диафрагма, a liver, heart, a spleen, adrenal glands, a teeth, a throat, a nose, ears will be most likely struck. If at you not in order a pleura and easy, know, that it may occur because, that you did not care of correction of an incomplete dislocation by 2-nd chest позвонка etc.

From time of revolutionary opening Niche in field of general(common) improvement of an organism has passed many years. Japanese nation from underdeveloped самурайской has turned in conducting world(global), with high level of life and biggest life expectancy.

amazed mankind in searches of an explanation of " Japanese miracle " converges that reason of it(him) is in national character and traditions. For example, Japanese do not allow once to open trues to become covered by a dust of oblivion.

Realizing importance of doctrine of Niche for each person, they have created new, extraordinary effective means of improvement directed on correction of intervertebral disks and strengthening of back muscles. On technical equipment it costs(stands) in a number of achievements of scientific and technical progress, and is directed not on destruction of life, as majority of high technology development, and on contrary, on its(her) maintenance.

question is about multiprogram massage Massagesessel . It is result of long-term work of physicians, engineers and designers which considered all anatomic features of a human body. corner of an inclination спинки and supports under legs is adjusted. board individual program and a kind of massage, his(its) intensity and a range of influence gets out. Such Massagesessel cost(stand) now in each Japanese firm, promoting increase of intensity of work of its(her) employees. embodiment of idea which last years might seem unrealizable dream is amazing.

it! Person полулежит in cosy a Massagesessel , capable to decorate any interior, and at this time his(its) back and legs tirelessly is massed by mechanical masseur. It(he) will not reduce procedure owing to own weariness. Various size and form подпружиненные roller pairs as hands of professional, it is soft and it is rather appreciable influence a body from hips up to a nape, making massage ШИАЦУ (treatment of internal bo s by mechanical influence on biologically active points, which on a back huge set). Stretching(dragging out), kneading, поколачивающий, vibrating massage influences all muscles of a back, hips and legs. big shaft from time to time прокатывает all backbone from копчика up to a skull, as though разутюживая everyone позвонок, unloading an organism estimates intervertebral disks, and salutariness of procedure on spot.

This sensation is to be experienced again and again, and after 15-minute program of persons receives unusual inflow of energy. feeling of vivacity arising at it and healthy optimism quite "lawfully" also is described Niches. matter is that backbone besides bearing(carrying), impellent and protective, carries out also function of support of nervous - muscular device And this function is connected to a mental condition of person, and slightest infringement in a backbone has an adverse effect on mood and emotional state of health of person. To correct these most thin conditions it is possible positive influence on a backbone.

In full conformity to opening Niche there is also a vibrating massage which receives person in a multiprogram massage armchair. According to doctrine of Japanese scientist vibration as daily physical procedure is essentially important. She(it) plays major role in filtrational processes in fabrics, is necessary for realization of heat exchange, due to it(her) blood circulation amplifies. Vibration promotes more vigorous pulsation of veins so, raises general(common) vital stability(resistance) of all organism.

Thus, Massagesessel is powerful improving mechanism, whose action is directed on correction of a backbone that conducts not only to overcoming illnesses, but also to their prevention.

Everything, that is necessary for you ‰ it even time to give backbone chance to affect massage Massagesessel CYBER-RELAX from world(global) leader of industry of massage Massagesessel ‰ to Japanese company FUJIIRYOKI and good самочуствие will be your award.

your backbone достоин best.

Massagesessel What for is necessary? Malaysia

Massage Massagesessel is a result of long-term work of physicians and designers which have developed exclusive system of massage, massage Massagesessel taking into account all anatomic features of a human body have appeared.

Massage Massagesessel is a professional massage in any time of days convenient for you Daily massage within 8-15 minutes will restore emotional and physical strengths, вызывет feeling of vivacity and healthy optimism.

who needs a massage armchair?

· Heads of companies
Because of high intensity of work heads of companies constantly test chronic weariness, lowered serviceability, and pain in a waist prevents to concentrate on decision of important questions _
With help of massage Massagesessel many of them already have solved problems of health - ten-minute massage in an armchair completely removes a pressure(voltage) from most tired zones of an organism, main thing, all this helps to relax, get rid of stress and, not leaving from a study! For businessmen regularly testing shortage of time, this property is simply invaluable.
you operate company, and massage armchair carefully operates your health and state of health at office or houses, helping to restore emotional and physical strengths after a heavy working day.

· Personnel of companies
Wise heads always think of employees, understanding, that from their productive work future of company depends. But whether manager if it(he) is tired well may work, and constant muscular pressure(voltage) at motionless sedentary work has resulted in a headache?
Many firms, establishing Massagesessel in rooms of rest of employees, beforehand prefer to care about health of employees instead of to pay sick-lists then. Thus it is very important, that Massagesessel on characteristics may work within all day practically without interruption.

· People caring about health
Health - main value for person. But with current of life various diseases of опорно-impellent device, respiratory and cardiovascular systems, muscular and headaches prove. Doctors advise people with various diseases daily sessions of massage. Massage Massagesessel help to return that destroys time - health.
High-grade care of health of each person gives to massage Massagesessel a special role in design of any space. Being a prestigious element of an interior, they combine in themselves Japanese quality and convenience to all members of family. Exclusive models modern расцветок perfectly supplement interiors элитного habitation.

· Sportsmen
Massage Massagesessel help sportsmen to be recharged by vivacity in a training hall, or to remove(take off) a pressure(voltage) from muscles tired during training.

· Infrastructure
(concerns, a casino, hotels, restaurants)
Massage Massagesessel are used as additional service for VIP-clients in companies which prestige depends on convenience and breadth of offered services, conditions and an original interior. (Напр., concern " РосНефть ", "Gazprom", "Лукойл", casino "ШангриЛа", "Арбат", "Империал", hotel " Gold ring ", insurance companies " СоГаз ", "ВСК")

· Commercial companies rendering medical services
(the medical centres, sanatoria and houses of rest, beauty salons, фитнес-clubs)
Commercial companies rendering medical services, use massage Massagesessel in commercial objectives for big circle of visitors because serviceability of Massagesessel makes big resource and they may work within all day practically without interruption. (Напр., Prestigious boarding houses and houses of rest of "water cOlor", "Is free", "Солонцово", sanatoria " Moscow suburbs ", " Name Дзержинского FSB of Russia " (Sochi))
In many cases armchair is got as assistant to masseur. And in some - with success of it(him) replaces, besides experience shows what to contain in staff(state) of masseur much more dearly(expensively), you see recoupment of an armchair makes only 2-4 months, and then company receives net profit from his(its) use. To clients of advantage of an armchair before manual massages also are obvious - it is ready to work at any time without record on reception, simple management of an armchair himself allows client to choose a mode and time of massage, cost of massage in an armchair is smaller, and efficiency, in opinion of professional masseurs, much higher (15 minutes in an armchair = 1 hour of manual massage).

Characteristics of massage Massagesessel FUJIIRYOKI. Malaysia

Subject of comparison Fujiiryoki Massagesessel Others бренды Results of comparison
Massage of double action SKS-1840 / SKS-1600 / AS - 888 Is not present Fujiiryoki first-ever have created massage Massagesessel with back разминочными spheres and air pillows, a magnificent combination of dot and full massage. Complex influence is directed on a relaxation of all organism, to clearing of stress, increase of energy, mitigation of a muscular pain and amplification(strengthening) of sexuality.
Combinations of massage From 47 up to 509 types of massage (all models) 30-40 types of massage Feature of Massagesessel Fujiiryoki is most functional technology in industry. Special massages include combined вытягивание, type of massage 3 D, stimulating massage of hands and shoulders. engineering of various massage provides restoration of forces, as is purpose of massage. Combinations Swedish, Japanese, тайского and Chinese types of massage will transfer you on other level of a relaxation and improvement
Massage of hands Air massage of hands (SKS-1600) Is not present Model Fujiiryoki SKS-1600 is first-ever model with air массажом in zones from локтевой parts up to a wrist, from a wrist up to кончиков fingers, switching section of a back. Massage of hands is applied to removal of weariness, at downtroddenness of muscles or stretchings in zones of a wrist or hands as a whole.
Massage of shoulders Air massage of shoulders (SKS-1840) Is not present Model Fujiiryoki SKS-1840 first-ever model carrying out air massage in field of shoulders which softens a tension and weariness saved up in field of a neck and in a humeral zone.
Massage of legs Massage specialized air pillow / function of extension (all models) Massage by air pillows Fujiiryoki is first Japanese manufacturer who has developed and has applied in all models air pillows and massage in field of a knee. combination of air pillows and releases(exempts) functions of a stretching for weariness improves blood circulation, strengthens power and improves dream.
Air massage Amplification(strengthening) pulse / regular pushes (SKS-1600 / SKS-1840) there Is no variant In Massagesessel Fujiiryoki, for first time in world, in standard air massage pulsing kind of massage which reminds manual rhythmical type of massage also was added.
Method of scanning 3 D Digital Navigating 3 measured (volumetric) digital fast scanning of a body Scanning of growth and weight By means of a sensor control various sites of a body, growth and weight effectively may be scanned. In addition to this 3 D sensor control may read complex diagram of form of a body and properly establish massage positions and create personal massage program.
Direction of influence S-shaped double diagram (it is applied in all models FUJIIRYOKI) Rectilinear S-shaped double diagram of influence allows to make massage of biologically active points and thus to facilitate painful sensations in comparison with usual flat impacts of back scooters of other manufacturers used in models.
Кол-in scooters 2 оУмныхп Разнонаправленных a scooter of intensive type 4-8 Two оУмныхп a scooter moving in all directions with intensive influence increase flexibility of rotary movements, разминания and deep focused massage. Adjustable scooters may supervise various levels of intensity. For first time in world adjustable scooters were invented. Which may carry out multilevel massage for various weight categories and forms of a body.
Weight 51-85 kg 63-80 kg Magnificent design for easy rearrangement. 170-градусный an inclination back спинки for easier storage.
Power consumption 86-140 W 170-200 W Massagesessel Fujiiryoki in comparison with other armchairs, allow to save electric power. factor of internal deterioration owing to friction is structurally reduced. These cumulative advantages пзволяют to maintain an armchair with guaranteed quality from 20-years and is higher.
Top covering Material of a Massagesessel is special medical Поли-Уретан Поли-Винил-Хлоридная Artificial leather(skin) Special Полиуретан for massage Massagesessel is strongest and одышащимп (air-penetrable) material, rather than what or other material. It is easily and quickly cleared.

Comparative analysis of basic world(global) брендов by results of test tests,
carried out(spent) by laboratory of a society of consumers of USA.

Mark Sanyo Fuji Fuji Fujikura Panasonic Interactive Health
Model HEC DR-21 AS-888 SKS - 1600 FJ-430 EP3202 HTT10 CRP
retail Price in USA 3190.00 $ * 4390.00 $ * 5500.00 $ * 3090.00 $ * 3995.00 $ * 1799.00 $ *
U/L approved for electrical safety it Is approved it Is approved it Is approved it Is approved it Is approved it Is approved
Кол-in motors 6 6 6 6 5 1
Кол-in scooters 2 2 2 2 2 2
operative Range of scooters 25 + 2 inches 27.3 inches 28.7 inches 27.3 inches 25.5 inches 22 inches
Massage humeral and лопаточной zones it Is excellent / доп. A course of scooters it Is excellent / регулирумые force of influence and доп. A course of scooters it Is excellent / регулирумые force of influence and доп. A course of scooters it Is excellent / регулирумые force of influence and доп. A course of scooters it is weak it is weak
a basis 2 electronic motors + электро-support of influence on legs 2 electronic motors + электро-support of influence on legs 2 electronic motors + электро-support of influence on legs + air massage of hands 2 electronic motors + электро-support of influence on legs 1 электро-the motor 1 electro-motor
Adjustments speed, width, cervicobrachial area, massage of legs, a direction of massage speed, width, cervicobrachial area, force of massage, type of massage, massage of legs, a direction of massage speed, width, cervicobrachial area, force of massage, type of massage, massage of legs, a direction of massage, force of massage of hands speed, width, cervicobrachial area, force of massage, type of massage a direction of massage Force of massage and width Force of massage and width
Automatic programs Neck / лопатки, Back, Legs and hips Neck / лопатки, Back, Legs, Hips and Waist Neck / лопатки, Back, Legs, Hips, Waist and Hands Neck / лопатки, Back, Legs, Hips and Waist a neck / лопатки, a back, legs, hips, a waist Back as a whole
Massage of legs Two-element massage икр Four-element air massage икр Four-element air massage икр Four-element air massage икр Foot rollers Air massage
Expanded and additional functions Grinding, Double разминание, постукивание, идивидуальный massage by result of scanning Deep grinding, Double разминание, Постукивание, 3х-dimensional (volumetric) massage, расстяжение legs, adjustment under form of a backbone, 40 manual programs, 20 automatic programs, automatic adjustment on growth Deep grinding, Double разминание, Постукивание, 3х-dimensional (volumetric) massage, расстяжение legs, adjustment under form of a backbone, 40 manual programs, 20 automatic programs, automatic adjustment on growth Deep grinding, Double разминание, Постукивание, 3х-dimensional (volumetric) massage, расстяжение legs, adjustment under form of a backbone, 15 manual programs, 6 automatic programs, automatic adjustment on growth Installation of intensity Installation of intensity
Manual rates (programs) Any combinations of grinding, Постукивание and extension 40 types of manual rates, 3 various modes (a choice of pressure and speed), adjustment of force 40 types of manual rates, 3 various modes (a choice of pressure and speed), adjustment of force 15 manual rates, 3 various rates (a choice of pressure and speed) Limited functions Limited functions
Nominal time of manual massage 30-45 min 30-45 min 30-45 min 30-45 min 15 min. 15 min.
Auto-timer 15 min. 15 min 15 min 15 min 15 min. 15 min.
(W x D x H, inch)
28 x 38 x 43 28 x 40 x 43 28 x 40 x 43 28 x 40 x 43 27 x 37 x 42 28 x 36 x 43
Weight 130 lbs. 130 lbs. 130 lbs. 130 lbs. 180 lbs. 125 lbs.
Corner of an inclination 120 - 170 120 - 170 120 - 170 120 - 170 127 - 170 120 - 170



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