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Matches. Match. Wood Matches. Tree Matches. History of Matches. Matches manufacture. Factory matches Malaysia

Match. Wood matches. Malaysia

Match. Wood Match. Tree Matches. History of  Match. Matches manufacture. Factory matches. Sale matches. Price wood atches. Match. Matches. Matches. Matches. Wood Matches. Tree Matches. History of  Matches. Matches manufacture. Factory matches. Sale matches. Price wood atches. Match. Matches 0,009 $ * - box
box = 45 matches
[ L50 x B35 x H15 ] mm.

Matches. History of matches. Malaysia

History of ways of getting of fire Leaves in ancient times. Using fire has allowed person To remove(take off) from itself dependence on a climate and district. However many Centuries ways of reception of fire were primitive and very much Difficult, only accumulation of knowledge in field of physics and chemistry Has helped to simplify them. Only at end of XVIII century have begun To occur adaptations for reception of fire, based not on Primitive ways (friction, impact), and on chemical reactions

Matches. Matches. Wood Matches. Tree Matches. History of  Matches. Matches manufacture. Factory matches. Sale matches. Price wood atches. Match. Matches. Matches. Matches. Wood Matches. Tree Matches. History of  Matches. Matches manufacture. Factory matches. Sale matches. Price wood atches. Match. Matches *

Matches as most Convenient means for reception of fire, have appeared in first Half of last century. In beginning of XIX century they represented Itself wood лучинки with head from potassium chloride. For Ignition head needed to be shipped in a sulfuric acid. It is natural, that using such "matches" was extremely Inconveniently and besides Dangerously approximately in same time has appeared And so-called " Доберейнерово огниво " - bulky glass device, in which hydrogen, выделявшийся at Action of a sulfuric acid on zinc, lighted up at a condensation Spongy platinum; other instruments for reception have appeared also Fire, but all of them were poorly convenient in circulation or dangerous and most important are so dear(expensive) what use them might Only prosperous layers of population.

In 1816 first attempts were made To use for reception of fire of phosphorus, but first present matches Were invented in 1833 when in weight for match головок was Yellow phosphorus is entered. head from such weight were easily ignited At friction about a rough surface, however manufacture phosphoric Matches was very harmful.
Charles Marks wrote about To match manufactory: ".. .Эта manufactory is so known harmful influence on health of workers and disgusting Conditions, that only most unfortunate part of working class- Half-starved widows delivered for it(her) children... " And in summary Specifies: " Данте would find, that all most awful pictures of a hell, Drawn by his(its) imagination, are surpassed in this branch Manufactories ".
Application of yellow phosphorus was It is dangerous, as phosphoric pairs, распространявшиеся on To industrial premise(room) resulted in heavy diseases Workers, causing, so-called, phosphoric некроз костей. It Disease is described Лоринсеном (1839) during occurrence match industry. " Para of phosphorus may operate токсически On all organism, but their main action - local, in particular they Cause некроз a jaw through кариозные a teeth ".
Lacks of first matches have forced to search for a new compounding зажигательной weights. However safe matches have appeared only Then, when nonpoisonous red phosphorus was open. This opening Has essentially changed process of manufacturing of matches; yellow phosphorus Have completely excluded from structure of match head. Such matches not Might be ignited at friction about any rough surface, Therefore began to prepare a special surface for ignition Matches friction, namely: on lateral faces of a box began to render Special намазку, consisting of red phosphorus, glue and others Substances. These matches had no lacks of phosphoric matches and Were fairly named safe.
Question on date And a place of invention of safe matches various authors tried To decide for benefit of lines of European countries. A priority of invention of matches Without special bases and without authentic historic facts Attributed to those or other persons of France (ле Шанселье), Germany (Камерер), Austria (Прешель) etc.

Actually it is known, that " Match manufactory conducts beginning since 1833. Since 1845. She(it) began to develop quickly in England and from richly occupied Parts of London it was distributed to Manchester, Бирмингам, Liverpool, Bristol, Норвич, Ньюкэстль, Glasgow... " '.
About a place of invention of matches and author of any Authentic literary materials are not present. first match factory in Russia was registered in 1837. In 7 years in Russia eight factories worked already: two in Moscow province, four in Petersburg and two in Эстляндской.

Matches manufacture. Factory matches. Sale matches. Price wood atches. Match. Matches. Matches. Matches. Wood Matches. Tree Matches. History of  Matches. Matches manufacture. Factory matches. Sale matches. Price wood atches. Match. Matches

it Is necessary to note, that In 1847 Russian industrialists rather well owned Questions of technology of match manufacture. It N.Vittom, teacher of chemistry proves to be true in St.-Petersburg practical institute of technology, Which wrote, that: " All before common огнивы different Devices and names are nowadays left, because industry In newest time so is successfully skilful to take advantage theoretical chemical data distributed Between estates of factory owners that has adapted conveniently Flashing structures to making matches lit from friction, Also had time to improve them up to such degree, that they, Carrying out completely purpose, have become accessible on To cheapness for everything that is why have far left behind itself all Similar means also had tremendous success ".

However it is necessary to note, that match Manufacture of pre-revolutionary Russia had all characteristic Features of capitalist enterprises: preservation of secrets Manufactures etc., that is typical for modern match industries of capitalist countries. By virtue of it, in pre-revolutionary period, certainly, might not be and speeches about To regular research work on studying and Rationalization of technological processes. Preservation of secrets Manufactures has especially taken roots in connection with concentration of capital in Hands of separate firms (Joint-stock company of match factories In. And. Лапшина, Joint-stock company Чудовской of match factory " sun ", Joint-stock company of match factory " progress - volcano " etc.) and competition which has arisen between them.
Perfection Engineering of manufacture went mainly on a way of improvement Machine-building firms of a design of equipment, and In technology - way of introduction at separate factories rationalization Offers практиков manufactures, and sometimes and Manufacturers.
To regular work on It is possible for perfection of engineering and technology of match manufacture Was to begin only after Great October socialist Revolutions.
Development domestic match Manufactures as branches деревообрабатывающей industries in Pre-revolutionary time can be broken on following periods.
I since 1837 on end 1848 - time Occurrence in central cities of first match factories and to order With it home-made occurrence of matches in Villages.
II from end of 1848 on 1859-1862 - time of decline and liquidation of city match enterprises because of tax to matches under law of 1848 and at same time significant Home-made distribution of matches in rural Districts.
III since 1859-1862 on 1888- period of fast development of match manufacture in Russia as in Cities, and in villages. At enterprises begin to take root Mechanisms and machines.
IV since 1888 on 1914 - time of further development and perfection of manufacture Matches, introduction of inventions and improvements, centralization Manufactures and his(its) concentration in hands of small group match Manufacturers - dealers, formation(education) of joint-stock companies and Companies.
As a result of first world war, 1914-1917 гг.. Civil war and intervention match industry in Russia was strongly undermined. A part of factories Appeared it is destroyed, on others manufacture has stopped because of Absence of raw material and materials.
Restoration match industry began with transition of Soviet state To peace construction. In 1920г. industry has given 632 thousand. Boxes of matches, т. е. 15,2 % up to militarian (1913) manufactures Matches. next years release of matches gradually grew and in 1926 г, has exceeded pre-war.
After Great October socialist revolution have opened vast Opportunities for wide development веек branches of a national economy USSR, including match manufacture.
Special Rise match manufacture has reached(achieved) in time realization Five years' plans. Entered operation Березниковский, Чернореченский and others химкомбинаты and Грозненский a paraffin factory Have provided match industry with domestic chemicals and Materials.
By 1930 our machine-building industry has supplied all match factories with newest equipment. A huge role in it have played former Росмаштрсст and it(him) Factory "Металлист". match automatic devices made by these factory and Completing equipment successfully worked all time up to regenerative period which has begun right after Great Domestic war.
Within first пятилетки Have entered in build such match factories, as " Red star ", " Wave of revolution ", a name of Kirov, " X October ", a name May, 1, Manufacture of matches by 1930 has reached(achieved) 250 % of a pre-war level.; Since 1928 simultaneously with equipment of match industry new automatic equipment works on development have begun and To further perfection of engineering. Technologies and organizations Match manufacture. Work begins with same time on To preparation of engineering staff for match manufacture also it is created match speciality, and then is organized also match Laboratory at technological faculty Leningrad wood Institute. In 1930 on basis of this laboratory was organized State research match institute (ГИСИ), in Which research works in area for first time will be carried out(spent) Match manufacture first also is created полнометражный Учебно-instructive film " Match automatic devices ".

Later ГИСИ was reorganized in ЦНИЛСП-CENTRAL research laboratory match industry which functions and in present Time in settlement Balabanovo of Kaluga area as branch central scientific research institute of plywood and Furniture ЦНИИФМ.

Factory matches. Sale matches. Price wood atches. Match. Matches. Matches. Matches. Wood Matches. Tree Matches. History of  Matches. Matches manufacture. Factory matches. Sale matches. Price wood atches. Match. Matches

Within Great Domestic war немецко-fascist aggressors have put match industry of USSR a huge material damage. On Given to Extreme State commission invaders Have destroyed 14 match factories general(common) capacity of 4 million Boxes per one year.
In post-war period match industry was quickly restored, and release of matches still In 1950 has reached(achieved) a pre-war level, and present time Considerably it(him) has exceeded.
Production match industries now covers much Needs(requirements) of population and export Needs.

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