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Manufacturing furniture. Choose furniture. How to choose case furniture. How to make correct choose furniture case Malaysia

Manufacturing furniture. How to choose case furniture Malaysia

Case furniture (considering and kitchen) makes more than half of all furniture worth in any apartment. She is various enough both on appearance, and on carried out functions. Besides a functional variety all this furniture may be made in different styles.
Classical and English style modernist style, a baroque, minimalism adjoin in shops to furniture in style, found fault - flew etc. Furniture happens case and soft, exclusive and serial, her let out as typical sets (sets) and modules or (the ready elements, allowing to create non-standard designs). And, at last, furniture simply can be bought, and it is possible to order, and not only on samples and catalogues, but also under own project. But finally - not this main thing. main thing that furniture was qualitative. What it means from point of view of consumer? First of all - beautiful, convenient, strong (reliable and durable) and safe in sense of ecology. And what it is necessary, that product had all these attributes? Art taste and professionalism of developers? Certainly. Art of masters and perfect technology? Certainly. But even at observance of all these conditions of anything acceptable will fail without good stuff&.
What we know about them? Yes almost anything. And meanwhile, competently to estimate quality of furniture, just and it is necessary to know, of what she is made. We have decided to address for help to production workers and we shall talk about materials for case furniture.


In furniture industry a tree use for manufacturing skeletons and facades of case furniture, and also for their furnish.

The file of natural wood does not require special recommendations. truth, at impartial approach is unexpectedly found out equal quantity and lacks and advantages. tree is afraid some water and fire, it is easy for damaging(injuring) in mechanical way, it requires a permanent care. On other hand, tree has with anything not comparable beauty, literally radiates heat, does not threaten health, and, at last, this material it is possible repeatedly . wooden furniture always is addition of special status of its(her) owner. Manufacture of furniture from a file is most complex(difficult) technological process and demands huge -and a manpower.

Breed of a tree on which too in many respects reliability and durability of furniture depends, buyer chooses. Therefore, I think, will learn(find out) relevantly something about properties of wood.

In furniture manufacture long since use valuable breeds of wood - an oak, a nut, a birch, a beech, a maple, an ash, a cherry, mahogany. Them consists first of all in durability. But if you want to buy furniture, for example, from a nut or a cherry will see in shops extremely production of import manufacture. Domestic master of manufacturing of furniture offer basically an oak, a pine less often - a beech and it is very rare - a birch. A lion's share of furniture today do(make) of a pine.

Our advice(council): buying products from a pine, remember, that they demand careful attitude(relation). pine does not concern to number of valuable breeds, and products from it(her) - . most suitable place for pine furniture - a bedroom: nicely and for health it is useful. And for children's, or a dining room it is better to choose something .

Joiner's plate - one more material completely consisting of natural wood. On structure pine core reminds , in which between two layers of plywood . A joiner's plate use for manufacturing furniture facades and skeletons, and protecting outside a finishing material. This at us is for present poorly known, but, similar, at him good prospects. Many Western firms which already more than five years manufacturing of -section furniture under individual projects from this material. And most important, that joiner's plate used by them, is issued on Russian and enterprises. To a word, they use also one more interesting and while natural material seldom meeting in furniture business externally similar on a venetian blind.

- this cloth from multilayered wooden plates pasted on a soft basis. A thing in itself not new, but rich opportunities of its(her) application in furniture manufacture of me have surprised. It appears, wooden a venetian blind with equal success may serve both a door of a locker, and a mobile cover of a curbstone or a box. Have recollected this material very opportunely as now prefers curvilinear forms, and wooden a venetian blind here - simply a find. I think, in due course they will borrow(occupy) a worthy place among finishing materials from natural wood but while in it dominates .

- a thin cut of wood which paste on a basis (for example, plate OSB) and cover with several layers of a furniture varnish. impression is created, that furniture is completely made of a file of a tree, but thus she costs(stands) much more cheaply. truth to achieve this effect, should be picked carefully up on color and invoice. Perhaps, in it main requirement to it(him) also consists.

As to varnishes today master of manufacturing of furniture prefer Swedish and to German heat-resistant varnishes. Though alongside with it even more often use natural materials, for example, varnishes on basis of beer wax.


Buying furniture from a file of a tree, remember about wood of which she is made. A pine - a tree soft, and an oak, a nut, a beech, a cherry etc. - breeds firmer. Therefore for a silent bedroom furniture from a pine, and for kitchen quite will approach, dining room or children's should choose something more strong. Mean: behind products from a natural tree careful leaving(care), therefore is necessary be reserved by patience and means on a leaving(care) of them. Learn(find out), where if necessary it is possible furniture.

Wood plates for manufacturing furniture

Here unconditional leader - OSB (a wood-shaving plate). However recently her MDF (Middle Density Fiberboard, that in translation from English means fibrous ). OSB and MDF do(make) approximately on one technology, but OSB - of shavings and fine , and MDF - from sawdust crushed up to of a condition.

Both kinds of wood plates apply to manufacturing facades and skeletons of furniture. And MDF appeared an excellent(a different) material for details with curved surfaces. Sheet MDF on which are put deep parallel , becomes flexible. But if it(him) to bend and, having combined grooves to stick together with another same sheet, design will lose elasticity and will keep necessary form.
On furniture manufacture OSB and MDF act, as a rule, already covered or veneers. Laminated - a protective and decorative covering which represents a layer of a special paper with figure, impregnated with synthetic pitch (more often laminated). To laminated plate scratchs, a stain, water, high temperature, , household chemistry are not terrible friction. decorative layer successfully simulates color and a structure of various breeds of a tree, therefore products from laminated OSB or MDF look quite . But all same up to furniture, natural which from products from a file only professionals frequently may distinguish, they while . And on a degree of security from mechanical and other external influences OSB and MDF concede Laminated.

Knowing about that in manufacture of wood plates are applied pitches which in due course are decomposed and allocate formaldehyde harmful to person, I with predilection have asked experts on ecological parameters OSB and MDF. It was found out, that this factor is really very important and it is necessarily taken into account by manufacture of furniture. Fortunately, all manufacturers of furniture take only OSB and MDF with minimal parameter of issue of formaldehyde - 1. matter is that to use materials with worse parameters : problems with reception of certificates on finished goods may arise. And without them any ready furniture product is not subject to sale. Very important conclusion from here follows: if furniture has Certificate of quality and (or) Certificate of conformity, she will not be injurious to our health. And "Certificated" bed will not be disorganized in time of "honeymoon".

That is why, in opinion of experts, there are no bases to concern to furniture from MDF or OSB as to a low-grade product. By way, majority of known Italian factories do(make) expensive(dear) furniture of a high class (high class) of these materials. For example, collections of -section furniture and bedrooms of well-known factory MAR impress absolutely furniture. And in prestigious Moscow interiors high-quality exclusive furniture, and manufacturers of this furniture is sold only apply to manufacturing some details OSB, wood veneers. Of this material, for example, do(make) doors of wooden hand-worked cases that them and to save from deformation. Also it turns out, that at competent use OSB and MDF may even improve quality of wooden furniture.


It is not necessary to concern to furniture from OSB or MDF as to 2 grade production. If furniture has certificate of quality (conformity) - she is safe for health and stronger. Getting such furniture, take an interest, of what covering is made. If it , means, products are reliably protected from mechanical and other damages. If furniture is made from OSB, wood veneers, pay attention, whether separate plates are well picked up on color and invoice.


Under forecasts of some experts, metal will be basic furniture material of XXI century. Some furniture mass production is possible to notice already today, though while it faster , than. Therefore we shall talk about usual furniture which can be ordered or bought in any furniture interior. In it(her), certainly, there are metal parts: folding mechanisms driving elements (tracks and suspension brackets for sliding doors, , rotary mechanisms of chairs and armchairs etc.), a part of an accessories (a loop, locks, handles) and some details of a decor.

The main enemy of many metals - a rust, that is why basic requirement to metal elements of furniture - security from corrosion. From reasons of economy of them do(make) of steel - metal strong and cheap, but, alas, not too steady against a rust more often. Therefore steel details of furniture or subject anticorrosive processing, or chromeplate. But most reliable way in struggle against corrosion of metal - replacement became titan or aluminium. truth, alloys of titan - pleasure rather expensive(dear), use them only at manufacturing exclusive furniture. And to aluminium master of manufacturing of furniture resort even more often.

As early as years seven back firm Komandor beginnings to advertise sliding doors in an aluminium structure though in its(her) arsenal there were also usual steel designs. and today uses both metals, giving option to buyer.


If in furniture which you are going to get, eat metal details, it is necessary to learn(find out), of what they are made. If from aluminium - it is good, from chromeplated steel - too not bad, and if from an alloy of titan - it is even better (the truth, is more dear(expensive)). In other cases it is necessary to take an interest at seller (manufacturer), than from metal details are protected from corrosion.

Glass and mirror for manufacturing furniture

In manufacture of modern furniture use two kinds of a glass and mirrors: usual and safe. elementary variant of a safe glass (mirror) - a material pasted on a synthetic film. As well as any glass, it is beaten (the truth, it needs more efforts, than usually), but, even having broken, do not scatter on fine splinters. Even more reliable variant - triplex (multilayered glass in which special film is between layers of a material). Safety of a mirror and a glass furniture began to use rather recently. If not to consider such as a glass armchair with confidence it is possible to tell, that basic sphere of their application - -section furniture. We shall tell, same a case - compartment. In them, as against traditional furniture, frequently meet big glass and smooth surfaces.

Safe glass for furniture manufacture happens transparent, , color and dim. As to mirrors except for silver is still bronze, gold, graphite and even blue and green. Additional ornaments of such glass or a mirror may be from metal or a tree.


If your choice has fallen on furniture designs with big glass or smooth surfaces, by all means specify at sellers, what kind of a glass (mirror) is used. It is better, if it will be safe.

Synthetic materials for manufacturing furniture

To tell about all synthetic materials necessary for modern furniture manufacture, a problem(task) impracticable. Finishing plastic, furniture a film, an edge, structures, varnishes, paints, glues, impregnation - not full list of products which structure includes synthetic components. Therefore this time we shall present only finishing and materials.

Finishing plastic - a sheet or rolled material, in which mainly table-tops and furniture facades. Certainly, accurately even a rectilinear surface it is possible only such plastic which is capable and to accept necessary form, and then to harden and keep her. This property have so-called postformed () . Them receive pressing of several layers of synthetic pitch and a decorative paper layer. Recently obvious preference is given materials on a basis pitches. And it pleases, as this material is absolutely harmless to health. Not pitch apply in stomatology to manufacturing seals!

So from point of view of ecology here everything is all right. surfaces covered with finishing plastic, do not burst, they are difficult for scratching, some water and household chemistry are not afraid. leaving(care) of such furniture is extremely simple: to wipe a damp cloth and a usual washing-up liquid enough. And a variety of colors and figures enables to find interesting design decisions.

artificial stone - is a composite consisting from mineral , pigments and all of same acril pitches. On appearance artificial stone nothing concedes natural, moreover, this material is deprived lacks of a natural material. It is much easier than a natural stone, it is difficult for scratching or breaking, is simple in processing, hygienic&, is easily restored with help of special glue, scratchs leave a usual emery paper. As to Ecologies, here too everything is all right: acril pitch and natural minerals are absolutely harmless.

First signs was (a child of firm DuPont), hardly Gibraltar and SSV (firm Wilsonart) later have appeared. We can not explain to you a difference in their chemical compound, as it - patented know-how of firms. But on appearance and properties of them even professionals hardly distinguish. Last novelty in this area - Put a stone. It is remarkable that, as against Sheets predecessors, enables to finish Imitations of a natural stone surfaces of any form with minimal charge of a material. A material transport in tanks, put on a finished article a spray. Imitations of a natural stone perfectly feels like even on metal and glass, let alone plaster, OSB, MDF.

But it is impossible to confuse it(him) with a stone, from which product receive formation.

materials. ambassador Divisions basic material on a detail there is a problem of closing up of end faces. Operation very important and responsible(crucial). Any professional knows, that edges - one of main attributes of a qualitative product. It turns out, that such, apparently, a triviality, as a furniture edge, actually significant Structure in manufacture of furniture.

The most simple way of closing up of an end face - processing laminated an edge. A detail which edges laminated on special equipment, looks perfectly. From point of view of consumer, at laminated edges are doubtless advantages: rich color scale, which shades ideally coincide with color of basic covering, and low cost. manufacturer will note its(her) lack faster: being very thin and plastic, she ideally repeats a configuration of a surface so - reproduces smallest defects.

Therefore, if on a place Divisions is even small , skilled master of manufacturing of furniture will take advantage of others, less materials. For example, PVC-or S-edges (edgings). They thicker (2 - 3 mm) and, so, are less sensitive to defects of a face surface. And one more plus: edge does not exfoliate and will not be wrinkled, because during processing forms with OSB a monolith. PVC-and S-edgings are various colors, including simulating breeds of a tree metallized and even fluorescing. As to a difference between PVC and a ABS-edge experts count last more harmless and steady against mechanical influences.

One more widespread Edge a material - structures from PVC. That them to put on use, it is not necessary any special equipment. They rather rigid, such structure it is possible simply on an end face or to fix in grooves of preparation. But on other hand, structures from pvc all same will bend, therefore them widely apply to furnish of rounded corners. -STRUCTURE gives to ready furniture completed kind.


The furniture trimmed with plastic or an artificial stone, has fine operational characteristics.

Dealing with furniture from laminated wood plate, special attention turn on Edge a material. Quality edges one of main parameters of quality. end faces trimmed thin laminated with an edge, whether it is necessary to check up she and she - defects of a surface were showed. Whether structure from PVC too should be checked up on durability - it is reliably fixed.

We also have got acquainted with basic materials which are applied in manufacture of case furniture. Now you know, that it is necessary to know, choosing furniture. Pay attention not only to how she looks but also of what it is made manufacturing furniture. Do not overlook to ask for seller certificate of quality (conformity). If it is available, means, furniture is safe from ecological point of view.

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